Location and accessibility

Villa L'Hirondelle

Vakantievilla in Zuid-Frankrijk

Holiday villa in Southern France

Villa de Vacances au Sud de la France

Location and accessibility


23, Chemin du Creux du Moulin

30190 La Rouvière



By plain:

The airport of Nîmes-Garons   is located at 30 km.  You can  take a taxi or  shuttle to Nîmes station. At Nîmes station you can take a taxi or  go on by bus.  Note that the bus has its  stop in La Calmette.  This  is about 3 km from La Rouvière.

By train:

Nïmes station is at  15 km of Villa L'Hirondelle.  You can take a  taxi or bus. Note that the  bus has its stop in La Calmette, this is about 3 km from La Rouvière.

By car:

On the motorway, take the Nîmes Ouest exit. At the  roundabout after the toll, take the N106 towards Alès. After about 15 km take exit St Genies the Malgoirès (D124).  After 3 km you will see the Cave Cooperative Vignerons La Rouvière on your left. Drive alongside the Cave , into the Chemin de Tuielly. As an extension of this street lies the Chemin du Creux du Moulin. This is a dead  end street.

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